Great Britain allows driverless cars on its roads by January 2015

The British government passed a law must operate the driverless cars on the streets of January 2015.

Driverless cars are considered the future of the industry and the minister of economy cars from the UK, Vince Cable, said there were about six months, that people are capable of the first driverless cars that are on the streets of Britain.

A driverless car is different that the team will help the car to communicate effectively and drive equipped in the streets usually with radar sensors and cameras.

A car without a driver, does not mean that the car is left to itself, to move from one place to another. The British government has said that all vehicles without drivers must have a driver at all times and must be able to take manual control of the car if necessary. However, the car can still independent travel with embedded technology, and the environment.

The new law is a step forward for the government to understand the requirements and must pass a law for fully autonomous vehicles in the future. The cars are already in the process of developing fully autonomous cars; However, the decision depends on the success of driverless cars before the government makes a decision.

David Bizley, the technical director of the RAC Motoring Services in the UK, believes that some drivers may be skeptical to give controls on a computer in your car. However, the driverless technology is exactly the danger is recognized as a human driver.

“It must be the for the company, the problems were only a few of these vehicles on the road, first with a mixture of both drivers and vehicles, and finally only drive the car to be important,” Bizley said.

Although the automotive industry has made a leap forward, developing driverless cars, there are still restrictions on national security of the car. The safety aspect is important that the authorities in all cases; But market observers believe that this reluctance is testing driverless cars on public roads.

In the United States, driverless cars in the public tested for several months. Internet search engine Google is already testing prototypes of driverless cars in California. Nissan is testing driverless cars in Japan and Volvo expects that about 1,000 motorists in Sweden until 2017.

Carolyn J. Johnson

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